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Buckingham Minibuses

Buckingham Minibuses


For saloons, estates and people carriers please call for our best rates.

Greetings! You are welcome at the Buckingham Minibus service. Here we give you the best taxi in the town. We provide you a comfortable environment to travel around. With this convenient internet service your life changes in just a click. We not just only provide you a comfortable service, though we give you the best quality service at the cheapest rates.

5 Quality Traits that We Own!

We are preferable because of many quality traits and here is how we own our traits:


Honesty is the best policy as everyone knows that Buckingham Minibuses follow that moral effectively. Honesty is the basic and important quality of our company. We are honest in our dealings if we provide the services to the customer, we charge according to the journey. We are fair enough in charging the fee. If you are not satisfied with our services, you money is refundable. What we say we do. If want to get information from us you will consider us honest in all the dealings.


To be successful every company has some ambition.  Our owners are quite ambitious in their work. Our goal is to satisfy the customer as well as provide ease and comfort to the client. Our goals are quite clear. 

Respect for everyone

We respect our clients in all the situations. Our staff no just respects their clients, but also the people on the road they do not use bad language and abuse. If you contact Buckingham Minibuses staff you will always be served with a great manner and also you can get free of cost advice from our staff.


Our all the services are timely. Whenever you will order the cab will be at your place after a couple of minutes. Buckingham Minibuses are very punctual and regular. We do as we say; our actions are the reflection of our sayings. You will not experience any delay in our services you will be at your destination on time. You can contact us 24/7. You will never face the busy lines of our system.

Figure out if we are genuine or not?

Buckingham Minibuses provides all the services genuine. Our drivers, cars, even our company is also licensed and certified. You can check the license of the diver, car and also on the online website everything is certified and legal.

Our Ethics:

You will find us reasonable in talking and dealings. Our all the staff members are well mannered, well presented and have the proper communication skills.  No fake dealings, Buckingham Minibuses give you the fair information regarding our company, services, fares etc.

Our Commitment:

Commitment with the client is very much important. We fulfill all, our commitment to our client.

  • Mission Statement:

The mission of Buckingham Minibuses is to convince the client through its services. Provide a relieve and calm.

Get our Support:

You can get our support by contacting us. You can contact us through e-mail id and also through telephone. You will always be helped and supported.

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